June 13, 2024

More students suffer from backpain in 2020

It could be the weather, genetics or purely coincidence but sometimes when we are looking to arrange a social gathering of some sort, and we are sending out the invites, we may get a multitude of RSVPs politely declining our request for their attendance. One common reason tends to be the ‘bad back’ excuse. You know that your parties, soirees and event organisational skills are legendary, so you’re certain they aren’t faking it. However, why is it that backache is such a common affliction in the twenty-first century?

To make sure that your guest list is at its optimum next time you are planning another exceptional dinner party, take a look at how you can help your friends who require some much-needed relief from their ailment.


Getting Active

Having searing pain in your lower back can mean that you feel like doing very little. Resting up on the couch and watching your favourite movie with a tub of consoling Ben and Jerry’s never sounded so good as when your back is throbbing and causing you so much discomfort. However, lying down could end up being the worst thing to do for your health. Instead, you need to try and remain active. That doesn’t mean heading out for a thirty-minute jog or venturing to the gym. Take it easy and perform some stretches. If you head to the doctor, the chances are they will have given you some exercises to do to try and lessen your pain. Also, venture outdoors and go for a gentle stroll every day. Keeping loose and supple can aid your recovery time and shouldn’t cause you any more pain.


Self Medicate

Anti-inflammatories are effective in the short term but for chronic pain that lasts longer than a few weeks an over-reliance and ever greater need for higher dosages can be dangerous. Instead, you can find other supplements and therapeutic remedies to safely buy online. Curcumin found in turmeric is full of natural anti-inflammatory qualities so you can eat your favourite spicy pakoras and bhajis safe in the knowledge that you are self-medicating. There’s never been a better excuse to order take out.



There’s no point suffering in silence and simply trying to pop the pills to find some relief. Painkillers can mask the soreness for a short while, but they don’t solve the problem. If you have a slipped disc, a trapped nerve or a torn muscle, you may require physical therapy to speed up your recovery and ensure that the pain you are experiencing doesn’t turn chronic. Acute pain, although debilitating is curable and manageable.

If you are beginning to feel low because of the pain you’re enduring, talking therapies can help you work through the psychological impact of being unable to do what you once took for granted. It may seem like a chore to mow the lawn, but since you haven’t been able to coif your grass, you ache for the chance to do it again. Don’t let depression sink in and head to the doctor for help.

Most people have a bad back at some point in their lives. Hopefully, after a few weeks or a couple of months, the pain eases, and the ache never returns. However, if you do find that you or a pal is suffering from a tender back, follow this advice to speed up your recovery and claim back the quality of life you are so used to.

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