June 13, 2024

How helpful are sinus lifts?

sinus lifts

It is less scary than it sounds

When people see the word ‘lift’ or ‘operation’ they may immediately think that sinus lifts are scary, invasive surgeries that have many risks associated with them.

Sinus lifts (also known as ‘sinus augmentation’) is a surgery that can simplify the process of placing dental implants.

It is commonly given to people who may need a dental implant but do not have the correct amount of bone support and space to make room for the implants.

Getting a sinus lift helps improve the number of bones available in the patient’s upper jaw by adding more bone to the area between the molars and the premolars.

In order to make room for it, it requires the sinus membrane to be moved or lifted up.

Getting the right sinus lift

We are aware that students may be very price cautious and may look around for a deal that meets their budget.

But deals that may meet their budget might not deliver the expectations they wanted for a sinus lift.

Gentle Dental are one of the best UK providers for sinus lifts, and their prices reflect the excellent quality of work that they provide to their patients.

When deciding to get a sinus lift, Gentle Dental makes all their patients – new and returning – feel safe and provide them with an excellent service that many of their patients have enjoyed.

How does it help?

Before patients who had issues with their jaw were not eligible to have any dental implants.

Now, with the assistance of a sinus lift, they are able to have any dental treatment that will help their oral health – including dental implants.

Sinus lifts are also beneficial to patients who have experienced an extensive loss of bones, this is common amongst people who have had:

Don’t live with the problem

You don’t need to accept that you can’t get any dental implants.

Sinus lifts are the best choice for people who want to get implants, but can’t because of issues with their jaw.

The process may seem off-putting and can sound very scary, but it will all be worth it to get the right dental implants.


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