June 13, 2024

Infestation warning signs

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Alarming Pest Infestation Signs

You can avoid the costly affair of pests when it is you understand exactly what you need to look for inside your home and outside of it.

With countless species of pests always on the prowl for shelter, food and water, it’s important to look out for the signs that will alarm you to their presence.

Common signs of pest infestation:

  • Pest droppings (the clearest and important sign)
  • Classic evidence of a nest
  • Footprints
  • Damages to property
  • Smell
  • Blood spots
  • Bites/itchiness or pimples

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When to know if it’s an emergency

Any pest or insect infestation is an emergency, this is because they grow so quickly out of control, which if left ignored, will make things much harder on the homeowner or landlord when it comes to eradicating the problem.

Emergency pest control will be your only solution to making sure the infestation is taken care of properly, in order to help prevent the issue from returning or getting out of hand. Learn more about effective insect control here.

Report a pest problem.

Pest warning signs outside of the home

You don’t need to just look inside the property, but rather keep your eyes peeled on the exterior too. Whilst the outside of your home is an obvious place for pests to lurk, it will be advisable for you to inspect whether any nests exist.

Nests are usually found:

  • Corners of windows
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Back of bins
  • Piles of wood
  • Cracks in walls or roofs

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