June 13, 2024

Cool gadgets to make life easier

gadgets suited to every day life

Handy Gadgets and Technology You Should Be Using Today!

Who doesn’t want an easier life? I don’t know about you, but I love the fact that I live in a digital age where cool technology and gadgets are readily available to me.

Every day there is a new product that launches or old technology that has advanced to make the running of our daily lives a lot easier. So, what are my favourites? Find out…

Apple Watch

Probably an expensive gadget to buy, but an Apple Watch can actually do so much, which can make every area of your life easier. It manages your fitness and activity levels (you can even go swimming in open water and it tracks your results). But that’s not all it can do, the list goes on and on – see the full list of features here.


Like an Apple Watch, but without the added extra like messaging and calling, Fitbits range across different pricing levels, which makes it affordable for everyone. If you are looking to improve your fitness and most importantly track your results, this is the one for you. See more.

Advanced CCTV

So many people across the UK, especially in areas like Surrey, Kent and London are opting for improved CCTV installations. Not only are they a good deterrent, but they are good for insurance details and police enquiries. But on top of this, many people are beginning to use them to check on their parcels being delivered when they are not at home, as well as seeing who is knocking at their door without getting up to answer it. Modern CCTV is really changing the game. See more.

Furbo Dog Camera

This is a really fun one, this works a two-way camera, where you can talk and toss treats to your dog wherever you are. This can help with separation anxiety and helps to make sure your dogs are happy and safe. Discover more here.

Light Up Charging Cables

Light up charging cables can come in very handy. They show you once your phone has finished charging and as the phone increases in charge, it dims its lights so as not to waste any electricity. Learn more.

But of course, if I listed every single one of my favourite gadget products we would be here all day – for a quick, longer list click here to keep discovering the products that are making a difference.

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